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Learn the Secrets of Free Product Testers

Are you interested in product testing in exchange for freebies, prizes, and sometimes even paid compensation? A wide variety of companies who manufacture a myriad of different types of consumer products allow product testers to both sample and sometimes promote and distribute free items in exchange for free stuff! It's their way of getting their products seen and to gain market perspective on up and coming products to be regularly manufactured and distributed. They are looking for regular, everyday people of various ages and walks of life to see who enjoys their products the most and to make subsequent improvements according to your suggestions.


Almost any product one can envision is product tested by consumers at some point including attire, edibles, appliances, health and beauty products and cosmetics, products for babies and children, and many other categories of products. Often these panels and product testing companies will ask for your feedback in exchange for giving you freebies to try and keep and that's about it! What a fantastic way to try free products before others and to live in a frugal and budget conscious way.


Below is a list of some of the best kept secrets when it comes to product testing and getting cool and useful free stuff online in the UK!


Hewlett Packard (Fms.voconline.com/UnAssignedEntityuser.fms?2DDADBB1FBA5BBAF) - Hewlett Packard will pay you or give you free vouchers to test their products, which you get to keep. Generally, they provide product testing opportunities for computers and printers. Even if they provide you with a package in which to return the product, which happens sometimes, they will still pay you quite a bit. Generally product testing opportunities pay about $100 USD.


Paidproducttesting.co.uk - This product testing panel offers opportunities to test new products before they are distributed to the general public. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of well-known brands and get paid in exchange for your time spent. Payment is either by cheque or voucher. You usually get to keep the product, too! The panel lets you know before you agree to test products what their rate of pay will be for an individual project. Offerings are often candy, pet treats, and more!


Tastingfood.co.uk - If you enjoy trying different types of food and beverages, this is the panel for you! If you are available to provide suggestions on how these products could be improved and if you are able to meet with the panel occasionally during the year at a location convenient to you, or if you are open to simply complete online surveys, it's a great idea to join the Campden BRI Consumer Panel. They will compensate you with £5–£50, depending on the project. Projects include taste tests, focus groups, or online surveys, cash, or shopping vouchers each time you participate in a project.

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